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Christmas Special

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas is a special day. We at Beverly Hills Naughty Girl (BHNG), love to celebrate this fantastic season with our customers. We value your relationship with us, so we wanted to give you something seductive and fun this holiday season... so we created our sexy Christmas lingerie line.

Our lingerie will help you create holiday memories that last a lifetime. We promise you that our lingerie will get you into the Christmas spirit. Santa clause may have put you on his good list, but by purchasing one of our Christmas lingeries... you'll be placing yourself... on our naughty list.

So what's special about our sexy Christmas lingerie?

Our lingerie will get you in the mood. To help you celebrate this wonderful season with your partner, we designed our Christmas lingerie with festive colours and styles. Creative designers with love and care produced our magnificent lingerie. Our designers have meticulously handed-stitched every pattern on our lingerie to make you look sexy. They decorated our Christmas lingerie with traditional art and images.

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Our lingerie is form-fitting to hug your natural curves

Our naughty Christmas lingerie will contour to your body shape. We have designed our lingerie to move and stretch so that you'll feel comfortable in every single movement and position that you need to make.

Our lingerie is easy to slip on or off. We at BHNG want you to truly express your love for your partner. So we have made our Christmas lingerie easy slip-on and slip-off for those hot steamy nights... when you and your significant other... want to get intimate. 

Our lingerie helps save the environment. BHNG cares about the environment and our carbon footprint. That is why we have made our Christmas lingerie biodegradable. By purchasing our lingerie, you'll be making one of the best choices you can make to help the environment.